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Expat Experience in Singapore – Check out tips from our Local Expats

CRCE, The Career Resource Center for Expatriates
CRCE, The Career Resource Center for Expatriates If you are a spouse with a dependent pass or a Permanent Resident married to a Singapore citizen and you are looking to jump start your career a great place to connect with in Singapore is the Career ...

Feeling Home Sick? Try Singapore Expats Radio Guide
Feeling Home Sick? Try Singapore Expat’s Radio Guide Expatriates in Singapore who may be feeling a little homesick have several sources available at their fingertips to bridge the gap with their home base. From the traditional FM and AM radio dia ...

Holistic Living Wellness Weekend: Get Happy, Get Healthy
Singaporeans are a lucky bunch, aren’t they? Not only do they get the best in world class shopping, dining and entertainment, they also get a place to show us how to unwind, relax and contemplate. For one glorious weekend, November 18 th and 19 th ...

Key Expatriate Neighbourhoods in Singapore
Singapore sees a large number of expatriates entering the country every year and the numbers are only increasing. Where would be a good place to stay? SD has narrowed down the popular choices of these expatriates. West CoastFaber Park and Clement ...

Sarong Party Girl
Sarong Party Girls Gone are the classic jet black hair and brown complexions of our slender sarong party girls (SPGs). Instead, they now appear in all shapes and sizes, fashioning different shades of hair colours and skin tones. Welcome to our glob ...

Singapore aims to achieve 6.5mil Population
  Singaporeans, tourists and expatriates can expect to see some changes to the country's surroundings within the next 20 years. Singapore is expecting a rise in their population and the country's planners are already laying the groundwork to ac ...

Smoke Free Singapore? The Case for A Ban on Public Smoking
Smoke Free Singapore ? The Case for A Ban on Public Smoking Despite it’s existing stringent laws regarding public smoking, Singapore can benefit greatly if it made a complete ban on public smoking. By making a complete ban on public smoking Singa ...

The American Association - A Connecting Point for All Expats
The American AssociationA Connecting Point for All Expats One of the most rewarding places for expatriates to connect with in Singapore is the American Association, an 89 year old institution charted to specifically bridge the gap between the expat ...

The Singapore Slang.
The Singapore Slang. About two years ago my husband and I moved from San Francisco to Singapore thinking this is going to be so easy to understand these Singaporeans since they speak English. Little did we know there were several differences that m ...

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