Rojak, which means “wild mix” or “combination of ingredients” in Malay, is built on a vibrant assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables, which may include pineapple, cucumber, sweet turnip, water spinach, green apple, beansprouts, water apple, green mango, guava, slivers of lime zest, and shredded ginger bud. 

To these are added tau pok (deep-fried soybean cakes), you tiao (fried Chinese dough fritters), a generous sprinkle of finely chopped roasted peanuts, and occasional small pieces of cuttlefish. A dressing of seasoned fermented prawn paste, sugar, tamarind pulp, fresh lime juice and ground chilli is mixed up and poured over the lot, and everything is tossed together. This scrumptious, appetite-stimulating result has many dimensions of taste and texture. Sweet, salty, hot, pungent, tangy, crisp, and juicy – rojak is all of these and more! Rojak is popular as a starter to a local meal, or as a fresh, healthy meal on its own.  

Highly Recommended 

  • Hoover Rojak
    The killer prawn paste sauce is very thick and delicious. Crunchy jellyfish, bits of fragrant ginger flowers and succulent pieces of
    cucumbers, yam beans and pineapples also make the rojak here stand out.#01-641, Whampoa Hawker Centre, Block 90 Whampoa Drive       
  • Brothers Rojak
    A fresh, zesty-tasting rojak with an excellent balance of sweet, salty and tangy flavours.#01-211, Block 449 Clementi Ave 3         
  • Rojak Popiah Cockles
    This rojak is topped with a generous amount of black prawn paste and ground peanuts. The addition of green mangoes, apples and guava provides a nice crunch and flavour.Stall 56 Maxwell Food Centre
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Singapore Tourism Board