Fried Carrot Cake

Also known as chai tow kueh, this is a steamed cake of rice flour and shredded white radish - the ‘carrot’ it’s named after. Diced and stir-fried with garlic, salt-pickled radish, and eggs, it comes in two versions, one flavoured with sweet black soy sauce; the other left white and enhanced with extra egg and sometimes prawns. Both get a sprinkle of chopped spring onion and fresh coriander leaves as a final garnish. Chilli addicts typically request a dash of chilli paste to be added to the mix too.

Fried carrot cake is most commonly eaten for breakfast and supper. When done well, it has a scrumptious mix of smooth and crisp textures, salty-sweet and mellow flavours, and the smokiness that only a roaring fire can achieve. It’s absolutely addictive!

Highly Recommended

  • Soon Lee
    White carrot cake that is very crispy and brown on the outside, and soft on the inside.
    #01-57 Blk 14 Haig Road

  • 4 Xing Fu Cooked Food
    White fried carrot cake with an old-fashioned flavour and texture. Well   seasoned and not at all greasy.
    #02-026 Chinatown Complex, Block 335 Smith Street

  • Van Seng Cooked Food
    This stall sells many breakfast items, one of which is black carrot cake with an appealingly irregular texture and fried with plenty of egg.
    #01-389 Tekka Market, Block 665 Buffalo Road

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