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3 Things You Can Do With Your Mandarin Oranges
      3 Things You Can Do With Your (Leftover) Mandarin Oranges   Now that the Lunar New Year is almost over, it’s time to do away with the extra mandarin oranges at home. Here are some things you can try out th ...

A Festive Foods & Flavours in SIngapore
Singapore’s unique multicultural tapestry means that native festivals are celebrated all year round - and everyone celebrates (in some manner or form) every festival! Each festival comes with special foods, many of these with symbolic significance ...

Chinese New Year Taboos & Superstition
Chinese New Year is also known as Lunar New Year as well as The Spring Festival. During CNY, these are the common taboo's and superstitions;     1. Place red packet under the pillow for kids who stay up late for parents longevity... ...

Christmas Goodies
Christmas (December)   A festival celebrated by all Christians in Singapore. The Eurasian community, which is of mixed European-Asian heritage, celebrates Christmas with signature home-cooked dishes.   o    Feng Definite ...

Deepavali Goodies, Hari Raya Goodies
Deepavali (October/November)This is the Festival of Lights, celebrated by the Hindus. It marks the triumph of good over evil, and is celebrated during the new moon of the seventh month of the Hindu calendar. Rows of oil lamps are lit to welcome the g ...

Dragon Boat Festival Goodies, Mid-Autumn Festival Goodies
Dragon Boat Festival (June) This festival is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese lunar calendar. It marks the death of a Chinese patriot scholar named Qu Yuan who drowned in a river in 296 BC.   o   B ...

Lunar New Year Goodies
Sngapore comes alive during January. Not only does it marks the coming of spring, it is also the lunar new year. In the old days, this was the only time that farmers would take a break from working their land. Today, the festival represents more of a ...

For thousands of years, the Chinese people have related the fullness of the moon to the symbolism of reunion between loved ones, and the Mid-Autumn Festival is commemorated based on that principle. Celebrated during the period of the Autumn Equinox, ...

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