Guys Guide to Flowers

Are flowers the key to a woman's heart?
According to consumer research, the answer is yes. The fact is most women truly enjoy receiving flowers, be it on a special occasion or for no reason at all. In return, the men who send them are as good as guaranteed to have made a lasting impression.

A gorgeous rose bouquet doesn't just say “I love you” or “I'm sorry” – it can say anything you want it to. Flowers are certainly romantic, but they can also give off a multitude of different vibes to suit mothers, close friends or family members. Undeniably, flowers are a pick-me-up for any female.

Let's face it; the art of giving flowers is not exactly a strong point of the male species. However, with our guy's guide to flowers, men can use these tips and advice on how to pick the perfect bouquet to send his intended message to the women in his life.

1) The first step is picking a recipient.
Do not limit your options. Any of the leading ladies in your life would be ecstatic to receive a bouquet out of the blue. When sending flowers to a romantic partner, it is advised to keep her favourite flowers in mind. You may even choose blooms which signify important stages in your relationship – sending the flowers you had at your wedding would certainly be a thoughtful and meaningful choice.

For a platonic female friend, think bright, bold and beautiful. Wildflowers are unique and fun, and an ideal way to let someone know they're on your mind in a casual manner. When it comes to family, a flowering plant or something with subtle colours should do the trick every time.

2) What about design, you ask?
Well, while it is always advisable to trust your florist, do not be afraid to make decisions on your own. The 3 most important aspects in floral design are type, colour and texture. For an exciting and usual bouquet, why not include several different colours of the same flowers for a rainbow effect. An arrangement of multi-coloured roses would be both stylish and pretty.

3) Choosing based on Colours
Alternatively, create a fresh bouquet of blooms of different varieties in various shades of her favourite colour. This monochromatic look is a sure winner. Your other option would be to mix both colours and types, resulting in a contemporary and adventurous look to take her breath away.

As for the message in the card that accompanies the flowers, always speak from the heart and keep it simple. Honesty always prevails and she will appreciate the sentiment.

Whatever you decide, always remember to be spontaneous. As mentioned earlier, receiving flowers for no reason at all is a sure way to brighten up the day of the people you care about. Not only will you score brownie points for surprising her, you will also have made her very happy.

As is often said, size doesn't matter. The same goes for flowers. Do not be fooled into thinking that a bigger bouquet gets a bigger reaction. A small, tasteful bouquet can make as much of a statement as a larger sized one; the trick is to pick the appropriate size for the occasion that truly expresses your sentiments.

Now you're ready to put these helpful tips into use. Send some flowers today. Then sit back, relax and watch the smiles grow on the faces of your loved ones.