Empress Place
Old Court of Justice
Legislative Council Chambers
Colonial Secretariat

Today the building in Empress Place close to the Singapore River and Cavanagh Bridge is known as Empress Place Building officially opened by the Second Deputy Prime Minister Mr Ong Teng Cheong on 7 April 1989. The Building is now the venue for historical and cultural exhibitions. One section of the Building is occupied by a Chinese Restaurant.

The central part is the oldest of the Empress Place Building erected between 1864 and 1865. It became the new Court House when the Court moved out of John Argyle Maxwell's house, the present Parliament House because of the noise created by Hallpike's Boat Yard nearby. In 1875 the Court moved back to an annexe of Maxwell house and the central part of Empress Place Building became the Chamber for sittings of the Straits Settlements Legislative Council established in 1867 when the Straits Settlements became a Crown Colony. New wings were added to the Empress Place Building in 1903, 1911 and 1920.

The rest of the Empress Place Building was occupied by various government departments which included the Secretariat, Treasury, Education Department, the Medical Services Department and the chambers of the Attorney-General.

Just before the British surrender to the Japanese, Treasury officials burnt stacks of bank notes for fear of them falling into Japanese hands.

Before the complete restoration of the Empress Place Building the Immigration Department, The Registry of Citizenship and Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura occupied various parts of the Building.