V Pakirisamy Pillai, Indian pioneer, community leader and philanthropist developed this Temple. Temple originated to cater for Hindus in the neighbourhood bounded by Bras Basah Road, Victoria Street and Albert Street; it was started by Hanuman Beem Singh in 1870 and later managed by his son Humna Somapah, and Joognee Ammal.V.Pakirisamy Pilli took over From February 1935.

There was a large Hindu community in the neighbourhood bounded by Bras Basah Road, Victoria Street and Albert Street. In 1870 Hanuman Beem Singh set up a shrine for Lord Krishna under a banyan tree in Waterloo Street. As its congregation of Hindus grew so did the Temple. When Beem Singh was too old to manage the Temple he passed it on to his son Humna Somapah who was a landed proprietor. In 1904 Joognee Ammal took over the management. She built the main shrine. In February 1935 she requested V. Pakirisamy Pillai to manage the Temple. Pillai built the Hall and the walls of the Temple and dedicated them to the memory of his mother Alamayloo Ammal. When Pillai died in May 1984 his son P. Sivaraman took over the management and was responsible for major renovations to the Temple in 1989.

V. Pakirisamy Pillai's father Koona Vayloo Pillai was a rich Tamil pioneer who died at the age of 75 in 1931. Pakirisamy Pillai and his brother V.Narayanasamy Pillai inherited their father's estate. Pakirisamy Pillai was born in December 1894 in Cainhill Road where Khee Fatt School one stood. After completing his education at Anglo-Chinese School he became the Chief Court Clerk of the law firm of Allen and Gledhill for about 25 years. His home was 109 Bideford Road. He devoted much of his time to community service particularly in religious activities. He served as Chariman of the four main Hindu Temples' Committees of Management and in 1948 he entered politics. He served as a City Councillor from the late 1940s to early 1950s. He became a Justice of the Peace in 1946. He was a recipient of the Coronation Medal and bestowed with the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in 1952. For his services to Singapore he was awarded the Singapore Certificate of Honour and in 1970 the Presiden of the Republic of Singapore bestowed

Upon him the Bintang Bakti Masharakat (BBM) for his many years of social and community work.

V.Pakirisamy Pillai was a generous and religious man. He died in May 1984 at the age of 89.