Fullerton Building is now known as Fullerton Hotel.  Previously the Singapore Club occupied the top floor before World War II - Governor Sir Shenton Thomas and Lady Thomas occupied rooms here before British surrender to Japanese 

Named after Robert Fullerton Governor of Straits Settlements (1824-30); he saved Central and South Malaya from Siamese domination; two important treaties: the Anglo-Dutch Treaty 1824 and Anglo-Siamese Treaty 1826 were signed when he was Governor.


In 1874 the old post office moved from the South Bank of the Singapore River near Empress Place to Fort Fullerton, the present site of Fullerton Hotel. The Exchange Building built between 1865-70 also stood on the site of Fort Fullerton. Before the completion of Fullerton Building, Mansfield Office (later Ocean Building) was used as the General Post Office.

When Fullerton Building was completed in 1928 it housed the Exchange, the Chamber of Commerce and the Singapore Club. The building was designed by Keyes and Bowdeswell in French Renaissance style.

Fullerton Building was named after Robert Fullerton, the first Governor of the Straits Settlements (1824-1830). He is remembered for preventing the expansion of Siamese influence into Central and South Malaya in the 19th century; he signed the important Anglo-Siamese Treaty in 1826. Robert Fullerton was also responsible for the Naning war; he claimed Naning near Malacca as British territory. This war cost the British government £100,000 and made Britain reluctant to intervene in the Malay States until 1874.

The Anglo-Dutch Treaty (1824) which created a British and a Dutch sphere of influence in the East Indies was drawn up during Fullerton's tenure of offices. Fullerton claimed that if Britain was to retain Singapore under this Treaty the islands south of Singapore, Rhio and Lingga, should be part of Singapore. His claim was based on the historical fact that the old Malay Empire included Pahang, Johore, Rhio and Lingga. The Directors of the East India Company in London did not pursue Fullerton's claim. A ruler of this old empire is buried in Telok Blangah in the old dignified cemetery beside Keppel Road opposite the Puma Flour Mill; next to it is the Temenggong's Mosque-the property of the Johore Government.

In 1828 Fullerton had proposed that Malacca should be capital of the Straits Settlements. He said Malacca was an ancient capital with a more healthy climate and more centrally located resources for defence.

Fullerton building in 1941 housed various Government departments which included Agriculture, Fisheries and Forest departments.

In February 1942 Government was under constant artillery fire and serial bombardment. It received several direct hits. Governor Sir Shenton Thomas and Lady Thomas decided to move out of Government House into the Singapore Club which occupied the top floor of Fullerton Building. Singapore Club was first established at Cecil Street, an exclusive European Club and in 1928 occupied the top floor of Fullerton Building; there the Club had dining rooms, billiards and card rooms and sleeping accommodation. On 13 February 1942 the Governor and his wife occupied two rooms there which were after, 'quieter and cooler'.

It was while driving from Government House to Fullerton Building that the Governor became fully aware of the damage to buildings and roads caused by Japanese bombs.

During the last days before the British Surrender, Fullerton Building was converted into a hospital with make-shift operation theatres to receive hundreds of wounded British soldiers. Conditions were shocking. Patients had to sleep on floor landings and corridors which were stacked with bodies of the dead waiting to be buried.

It was at the Singapore Club that General Percival informed the Governor of the decision of the military to surrender. From Fullerton Building Governor Shenton Thomas drove to the Broadcasting Station to make his final broadcast and to announce the military surrender of the British.

Today Fullerton Building houses a very modern and pretigious 6 star hotel, Fullerton Hotel.

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