Symbol that the Eurasians have been part of our Singapore community from early times. Eurasians in the Singapore Volunteer Corps fought Courageously against the Japanese invaders; a Director, General Staff, Singapore Armed Forces in its formative phase, Was a Eurasian; the first non-European Commissioner of Police was also a Eurasian.

Other than Singapore Eurasians quite a number of Eurasians of Portuguese and Dutch origins migrated from Malacca to Singapore in the early years.

To provide sporting facilities for the Eurasian community the first Singapore Recreation Club was in a building in Waterloo Street. The new Clubhouse at one end of the Padang opened on 23 June 1833. The pavilion was raised in November 1885.

The monthly subscription for the Club membership then was $1 per mensem and $2 as entrance fee. The first president of the Club was J.R.McFarlane.

When the Singapore Volunteer Company was formed in 1881 comprised mainly of Europeans and Eurasians and a separate Eurasian Volunteer headquarters and Club opened in Beach Road in February 1927 because of the excellent work of the Eurasian Company. Even when the Volunteer Cadet Corps were formed in Raffles Institution, St Joseph's Institution and Anglo-Chinese School in 1906 most of the cadets were Chinese and Eurasians.

During the Malayan campaign and the Battle for Singapore the Eurasians fought valiantly alongside the British forces against the invading Japanese troops. There is a tablet inside the Club to commemorate all the Eurasians who died during World War II (1939-1945). At the Kranji Memorial names of Eurasian volunteers who died in the war are also inscribed there.

Under the Japanese Occupation the Eurasians were also persecuted for having bee pro-British. The Japanese decided to settle a large number of Eurasians in the proposed Fuji Village in Bahau, Negri Sembilan; the project was a failure.

The Singapore Recreation Club was converted into an outpatient clinic during the days of the Japanese Occupation.

After Singapore was separated from Malaysia in 1965 the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) were established and Mr Campbell who served as a prisoner of war along with the British forces helped to organize the SAF and was given the rank of a Brigadier and became Director, General Staff.

The Eurasians are a part of the Singapore community and the Singapore Recreation Club is a reminder of their eminent position in the pre-war period. There are today about 10,000 Eurasians in Singapore serving in the various professions in government service including the SAF and the Singapore Police force as well as the private sector.

The Eurasian Association of Singapore has planned a Eurasian Heritage Day in 1991 which besides including a programme of dance, music and food will also hold an exhibition in the National Museum to depict their history through photographs and artifacts,.

After Clubhouse was renovated the Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew officially declared open the building. Today the membership to the Club is open to all ethnic groups in Singapore. The present president is Mr E.Tessensohn. Honorary members of the Club include Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Mr E.W.Barker and Mr David Marshall. Dr E.W.Sheares and Professor E.S. Monteiro were also Honorary Members of the Club.