Jamae Mosque

Tamil Muslims' Mosque - one of the oldest Mosques in Singapore Tamil Muslim pioneers of Singapore - merchants, traders, businessmen and shopkeepers - contributed to Singapore's economic prosperity from early Singapore.

Some of the earliest pioneers and immigrants to come to Singapore soon after its foundation were the Chulia Muslims (Tamil Muslims from Coromandel Coast, India). A number of them settled in Chulia Street (named after them); earlier the street was called Kling Street.

Because of the large number of Tamil Muslims in Chinatown three of the oldest Mosques are located in this area: the Jamae Masjid, the Nagore Durgha and the Masjid Al Abrar.

Jamae Mosque

The Jamae Masjid was built as early as 1826 under the leadership of Ansar Sahib. The building in its present brick form was completed between 1830-1835 and the land on which it stands is on a 999 year lease dated 24 November 1881 made between the Governor of the Straits Settlements and five Trustees of Indian Muslims Management Committee.

The Mosque has two stepped minarets and intricate decorations. It has a large prayer hall and a very spacious courtyard. Next to the Mosque is the oldest Hindu Temple in Singapore - the Sri Mariamman Temple.