Built by Woh Hup Expertise developed by early Singaporeans

Clifford Pier is named after Sir Hugh Clifford, Governor of the Straits Settlements (1927-29). It was officially opened by Governor Sir Cecil Clementi (1930-34) on 3 June 1933.

Previously the Pier was known as Johnston’s Pier. This was dismantled in July 1933. Johnston Pier was erected in 1854 and named after one of the first businessmen and a founder of the Chamber of Commerce, Alexander Laurie Johnston, a friend of Stamford Raffles.

Clifford Pier was built by the Singapore contractors Who Hup. Steel piles were hammered into the seabed to create the foundation of the Pier by the local company which had then acquired the expertise to complete the task. The Pier has a unique architecture.

Unfortunately due to reurbanisation, the pier will be demolished. It is currently closed and is no longer in operation.