Mount Faber Hill

Formerly Telok Blangah Hill Old Signal Station, Observatory and half Completed fortress

Telok Blangah Hill is close to the old village of Temenggong Abdul Rahman who was resettled there by Stamford Raffles and became known as Kampong Bahru (new village) as it replaced the old kampong along the Singapore River. This first resettlement could be called the first urban renewal project in Singapore. The Hill maintained the old name of Telok Blangah Hill until July 1845 when it was renamed Mount Faber after Captain Faber of the Madras Engineers.

Captain Faber built the narrow winding road to the summit for the new Signal Station (the old one was in Blakang Mati, now Sentosa)

Adverse criticism was made about the narrow road which still leads to the summit of the Hill. The Free Press, a local newspaper commented “…stupidly narrow road to the top….two persons meeting can barely pass each other….so much of renown is bestowed up him.” It also asked who changed the pretty and appropriate Malay name of the hill. The new Signal Station on Mount Faber was known in Malay as Bukit Bandara (Flag Hill).

In May 1851 a new Flagstaff was erected on the hill. A month later it was struck by lightning and destroyed. An Observatory was built on the Hill in 1905.

In 1857 Indian soldiers (sepoys) mutinied against their British Officers in India. The Settlement government feared that the local Indian sepoys might also revolt. It therefore decided to convert Mount Faber into a fort. Defence work was carried out and granite emplacements for guns were completed half-way up the Hill. Mount Faber never became a Fort.

Today Mount Faber is a popular tourist attraction and the Signal Station is still there; it is here that on board a cable car to Sentosa.