One of our oldest Buddhist Temple

The original Long Shan Si was in Anping District in Fukien. Its Abbot Chun Wu came to Singapore carrying with him an urn and a statue of Kuan Yin. He bought a plot of land in Race Course Road and built a small temple there; it was mad up of huts and in one of them he had the altar of Kuan Yin.

In 1926 new buildings were built from fund raised by devotees and renovations were made in 1930, 1962 and 1970.

Statue of Sakyamuni Buddha, Kuan Yin and other Bodhisattvas are placed in the main hall. The other deities, the Sword Brothers of the Three Kingdoms and the Goddess of Birth are placed near the main altar. Also near the main altar are statues of Confucius and Cheng Huang.

The main hall of the Temple resembles a Chinese palace. The roof is a traditional one with a blazing pearl and dancing dragons on the gables.

This Temple attracts a large number of devotees during festivals and the road in Front of it is normally congested on those days.

Years ago when the author visited the Temple with members of the History Association of Singapore the Chief Abbot took us on a guided tour of the Temple. He also gave us an excellent vegetarian meal and later he brought out from a wooden chest a number of Chinese antique porcelain pieces which were donated to the Temple by gratefully devotees.