(This Temple was gazetted a national monument on 17 october 1980)

The oldest Buddhist Temple in Singapore - reflects our cultural Heritage and the large number of Buddhists in early Singapore.

Shuang Lin Temple is the oldest Buddhist Temple in Singapore. The full name Lim Shuang Siong Lim Shen Si means the Twin Grove of the Lotus Mountain Buddhist Temple. This Temple is the second largest in this part of the world and was built between 1902 and 1908 at a cost of about $500,000 in the swampy Balestier Plain. A wall plaque in the Temple has the year 1904. The funds were largely raised by Low Kim Pong, a general trader and Yeo Poon Seng both wealthy Hokkien merchant and community leaders.

Inside the Temple are the deities of Rain and Air and the Spirits of Evil and God. There are also idols of the Buddha from Siam and a very beautiful Goddess of Mercy. In the interior are pictures of hell and haven and there depict how human beings can attain Nirvana - the state of non-existence and perfect bliss.

There are three sections to the Temple. In front is Tien Wang Palace where the Buddhist Maitreya is worshipped and in the rear is Wei To who battles against evil. There is a courtyard, a Drum Tower and a Bell Tower. Near the Drum Tower is the altar of Bodhidharma and opposite this is the altar of the Majestic Guardian Spirits. The main altar is for Sharkyamuni Buddha.

It is said that 12 members of a Seow family sailed from China (1892-98) to visit various Buddhist countries. They arrived in Singapore and with the help of Low Kim Pong built Shuang Lin.