Hong Lim Green was Singapore's first private public garden created and maintained by Cheang Hong Lim - business man and philanthropist.

Hong Lim Green today is known as Hong Lim Park and maintained by the government.

Cheang Hong Lim was wealthy businessman. He ran opium and spirit farms which at that time were very lucrative enterprises. His partners were also well-known and prosperous businessman - Tan Seng Poh and Tan Yeok Nee.

Cheang owned a private fire-brigade which was manned by 37 firemen; his fire-brigade fought fires in the Town. Cheang was a property owner and sat on the Po Leong Kok Committee. In 1875 he contributed liberally to build a free school for boys of all ages and creeds to study at the Telok Ayer Grammar School at Cheang Wan Seng Place. He was the largest subscriber to provide Maxim guns for the Singapore Volunteer Artillery Unit.

In August 1875 he petitioned successfully to the government to cease further burials in Peak Island (now Pulau Kusu). There were two shrines (Toa-pek-kong Kusu and Data Kramat) on the island.

Cheang Hong Lim's most interesting contribution to Singapore was his donation of $3,000 to convert the space in front of the old Central Police Station into a public garden. This was the first private public garden in Singapore and he employed two gardeners to maintain it.

Hong Lim Green (Park) was a popular venue for election rallies. Today it is a popular park and has a stage where public concerts are performed.

The Singapore Chinese Recreation Club (founded in 1885) House was erected at Cheang Hong Lim's expense. It stood in the centre of Hong Lim Green for many years. The Club had some outstanding national players in cricket and hockey. The Club House and field have now disappeared.

Cheang Hong Lim died on 11 February 1893.