Built for firm whiteaway Laidlaw and upper floors as annex to Raffles Hotel and later Orange Hotel

Stamford House was built by architects Swan and MacLaren in 1900 for the firm of Whiteaway Laidlaw and Co. Seth Paul called the building Oranjie Building and whiteaway Laidlaw carried on their business there until 1910. Raffles Hotel because of a shortage of rooms took over two top floors as an annex for some years. In 1933 Seth's daughter Mrs Theodora Van Hein renovated the building and converted it to become the Orange Hotel. In February 1942 a number of survivors of the 'Prince of Wales' and the 'Repulse' were housed in this Hotel.

During the Japanese Occupation the building was used as a hotel. After World War II rooms were rented and the ground floor used as shops. In 1963 the building was sold to Basco Enterprises Private Limited. It named the building Stamford House.

Stamford House is under renovations. The exterior will retain its original façade.

Next to Oranjie Building stood the Sailors' Home (Shaw Building and Capitol Theatre).