Resting place for many of the Allied Soldiers including Singaporeans who died defending Singapore, Malaya and neighbouring lands and seas.

The memorial gives the names of all Singaporeans and Malayans who died in the Malayan Campaign and Battle for Singapore. They include those who served in the Straits Settlements Volunteer Force, the Local Defence Corp the Dalforce and the Malay Regiments.

Kranji War Memorial
The Memorial designed like an aerofoil with 12 broad columns and the inscription in the main memorial reads:
1939-1945 : On the walls of this Memorial are recorded the names of twenty-four thousand soldiers and airmen of many races united in service to the British Crown who gave their lives in Malaya and neighbouring lands and seas and in the air over Southern and Eastern Asia and the Pacific But to whom the fortune of war denied the customary rites accorded to their comrades in death


Kranji War Cemetery

There are other memorials to those who died in the Malayan Campaign.

The following Prayer is recited every year on 11 November:


And we that are left grown old with the years remembering the heartache, the pain and the tears; hoping and praying that never again man will sink to such sorrow and shame. The price that was paid we will always remember every day, every month not just in November.

There are 4498 graves each marked with a head stone. The names of all those who died are recorded in a Register maintained by the custodian in the United Kingdom. The graves are maintained by the War Graves Commission, Maidenhead, England.