If you’re craving for the magic of the east and the vibrancy of the west, then a visit to Holland Village will be the perfect anecdote. This wonderful suburban is filled with antique shops, restaurants, bars and cafes, bringing an urban context to an ancient architecture of shophouses and wet markets. While the conception of it being an ‘expat village’ might prove true, due to its surrounding residential areas, locals alike have been known to enjoy this joint.

Shopping here brings you away from your norm of Mango-s and Adidas-s. Instead, what you get here are shops offering products rich in Asian culture such as Hong Kong imported furniture from Anthropology Homeware or Indochine inspired bridal screens and even teas, from Galerie Cho Lon. Even food is not spared from that touch of Asian history, with Phoon Huat Bakery, a bakery that has been around for 55 years.

Well, no write up on Holland Village will be complete without mentioning what made it insanely famous … its nightlife. Providing an alternative to the rowdy ambience of Boat Quay and the club-colonised stretch of Clarke Quay, Holland Village is the hot spot for that drinking and dining session. Pick your choice of beer and liquor from either Harry’s Bar@Holland V or Wala Wala Café Bar or enjoy a nice Mexican dinner from Tango’s.

Essentially, Holland Village is that unique place with an addictive appeal. Whether you’re a map-armed tourist, a high-rolling expat or a local guy next door, Holland Village is the chill-out spot you don’t want to pass on.