If you come to Singapore, Holland Village would be my recommendation if you are curious to see what the interaction of West meets East will look like. Notoriously known to be an expats’ hub, this fascinating place does not leave the locals out in the cold. On one side of Holland Village is where all HDB flats are, housing mostly Singaporeans and on the other side we find many housing establishments which accommodate a significant number of expatriate families. It is little wonder then, that Holland Village has adjusted to cater to the expatriates’ needs while retaining a whole lot of local flavour, evident by the variety of shops and foods found there.

One would think these two predilections, so vastly different from each other, found together in one area would most certainly contribute to a haphazard arrangement of sorts and a cacophony of tastes. But on the contrary, the different shops and stalls all amalgamate to create a nice, eclectic ambience unique to Holland Village.

In the heart of Holland Village, one can find a hawker centre, a food centre indigenous to Singapore. If local food is not to your liking, fear not! For Holland Village is peppered with eateries of all kinds. As one explores the nooks and crannies of Holland Village in the blazing hot tropical weather (it usually is warm), one can feel free to take a reprieve from the unforgiving weather by popping into ice-cream parlous and various coffeehouses that line the streets of Holland Village.

In the day, one can be entertained by the eclectic mix of shops there which range from fast foods to local foods, from pet shops to pubs. When dusk falls, Holland Village continues to buzz with activity. The mellow lights which illuminate the street and the bright lights emanating from the billboards of the various restaurants and pubs coalesce to contribute to the comfortable, stimulating atmosphere which characterises Holland Village.

This said, Holland Village would definitely not disappoint.