Residing not too far away from the bustling city, Holland Village, or chicly known as the chic Holland V, is a niche assortment of restaurants, cafes and bars to suit all varying tastes. Whether you are looking to relax with a gourmet coffee from Starbucks, chill out with some live jazz at Harry’s, or host a dinner party at one of the many different restaurants, Holland Village is the choice of many. It exudes a strong expatriate ambience, which is partly contributed by the majority of its patrons in the area, but simultaneously fuses with the local fanfare of roadside hawker centres and stalls.

The biggest draw of Holland V is the wide array of restaurants and cafes offering anything from Thai to Mexican cuisines. Besides the food, you can expect a whole range of services to satisfy your every need, from indulging in the weekly manicure to choosing balloons and other party supplies for your child’s birthday.

A place worth visiting is the Holland Road Shopping Centre. With its plain exterior, it is very much a gem in disguise, housing eclectic finds like exquisite Asian crafts, second-hand bookstores and designer merchandise. Right across the road is Chip Bee Gardens which some have coined as exuding a sense of bohemia, houses some of the most exclusive fine-dining restaurants like Michelangelo’s and Original Sin. Also in the vicinity is the biggest local Factory Outlet Store that sells reject items from famous brands like Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister.

Nightlife on weekends in Holland V belongs to the corporate crowd who gather to socialize with friends over drinks, while tuning in to the live music performed by local bands and talents till 3am. It is the place to see and be seen. However, expect to have an early night during the weekdays as most pubs will close by 1am.

Holland Village is Singapore’s trendy suburb, fusing the chic with the ethnic.

Written by:
Hildra Gwee