Traveling in a pack? Vita Hostel is the ideal location for students touring in groups or families. This three storey lodge can hold up to 50 people a floor with all rooms furnished with air-conditioning, wardrobes, study tables and they are all exceptionally clean.

There are no mixed rooms here so some local and foreign students might feel more comfortable living at Vita Hostel. Schools organising camps for their students may want to consider holding it a Vita Hostel. The big field in front of the hostel is an excellent spot for students to organise activities such as soccer, basketball and barbeques.

Here, students and adults can get together for team building and leadership training camps. There is a large kitchen area – perfect for cooking in large quantities and for big groups. This hostel isn’t for couples or people looking to party in Singapore.

Facilities: Laundry, canteen, lockers, BBQ area. Breakfast included.

Vita Hostel
50 Carlisle Road
Tel: (+65) 6239 6681 / (+65)6227 9817