Located at Dhoby Ghaut, Le Meridien is positioned closely to where all the action is. Shopping is not too far away, while the clubbing and pubbing scenes are also a few train stops away. Having the best of both worlds, the hotel also comes with its own shopping complex ,one floor down. However, don’t expect to find your luxury brands and high end boutiques. What you will be treated to is in fact, a feel of local products and beauty services. Perfect for your relaxation and your souvenir hunting.

At first glance, Le Meridien does seem to have a very classy appeal. With its gold decorations against the white background, the hotel portrays an elegance that is beyond its 4-star status. The reception is set in white marble splendour with interesting sketchings of Chinese influence on it. More gold ornaments are placed in the lobby. Complete with a varied types of chairs and sofas, the classiness of this townie can be overwhelming. From gold lifts to even more shiny reflections, it’s like Jazz meets Confucius.

However, upon closer scrutiny, one cannot help but notice the dated look that this luxury accommodation holds. The swimming pool, for example, does not carry the glisten or the wow factor that you will expect from a luxury 4-star hotel. On top of that, despite its glossy mirage, you will also notice that the gold that glitters is not as shiny as one will hope. It carries more of a brassy feel, made shiny with the light reflecting upon it.

The deluxe room is decorated with the essentials and fuss-free. The Opal suite, as pricey as it can be, is quite the stunner though. Complete with a kitchenette and a powder room, you should splash and flash when you can. But if you request for a room with a balcony, please do make sure it’s the one that faces the Orchard view. It can really introduce you to the magic and serenity of Singapore . Particularly at night, since Singapore has the lowest crime rate in the world. Otherwise, you will be treated with a scenery of trees and pretty much nothing else. That can be quite disappointing since you have the Presidential Palace on one side, and the splendid lights of Orchard on the other.

SD Verdict on Le Meridien

While there were hints of the old-school magic, the place can use some refurbishment. It’s not terribly bad, but the template has been set for the hotel to be able to glow and bask in the regality that it had for 20 years. A bit of polishing, a bit of replacement and it will be as good as new. Such a shame to see such beauty go unattended. However, its location is great considering how it’s placed right where the shopping paradise begins and just a stone’s throw away from the nightlife. After all, you wouldn’t want to spend your days here cooped up in your hotel room do you?