The facilities at this affluent joint though minimal, are complete. Naturally, there is a pool, albeit a small one. The pool is more for relaxation rather than for reliving your Olympic dreams, considering its size. However, it is surrounded by the buildings so there will be a sense of privacy from the bustling streets of Orchard. Located near that is a gym. Unlike most gyms, the gym here has a wide range of machines, made up of old and new. Due to its status as private gym, there are trainers around to assist you with your work out regime. Perfect for health fanatics. Especially if you take into consideration the fact that they have a café that serves food which is made for those worried of adding on the pounds.

Their wireless network, however, is limited to certain common areas within the complex. But, there is a land connection, at a price naturally, available in every room. But unless you are in urgent need for the connection, then it’s best to just block out the world that has been harassing you and pushing you for this much-needed holiday.

All that being said, the service here is impeccable. Truly the mark of a great hotel is the level of commitment of its service staff. As marketing executive Khim promised, the hotel is there to make sure that your sojourn in this little island as pleasant as can be. Their emphasis on customer needs first shines through immaculately. From the moment you check in, as early as you maybe, the hotel will acquiesce to your needs. Rooms are designated as quickly as possible without much hassle. Everywhere you go, you will be greeted with smiles and polite patience. Even your weird requests will be met without much hesitation by the crew, who is exemplary for anyone of the service industry. This is amazing as their staffs are noticeably young. However, age doesn’t define manners like they showed. Also worth mentioning is their linguistic availability. Trained in French and Japanese as well, this considerate gesture allows for better communication between guests and the hotel.

While the rustic exterior of the hotel may leave you second-guessing of its stars in the beginning, you will change your mind once you experience the Le Meridien treatment. It is truly world-class and it will explain to you how they gained their ranking.