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3 Secrets Aircon Contractors Do Not Want You to Know
We feel the heat, too. Air conditioning has become such as integral part of our lives even though we do not give much thought to it. Whenever it gets very hot, we may find ourselves in the desperate situation of having our air conditioning not per ...

6 Natural Air Purifiers In Your Home
Planning to purify the air in your premises? Instead of getting an electronic air purifier, check out the 6 types of plants that are commonly used as a natural air purifier! 3. Areca Palm treeConsistently rated among the best houseplants for removin ...

Similar in size to condominiums but lacking in facilities like tennis, squash courts and barbeque pits. Some apartments may have a small swimming pool and an averagely-equipped gym and security for such forms of accommodation may not be as efficient. ...

Most bungalows (especially the larger ones) in Singapore were built before World War II and are a significant part of Singapore’s heritage. Bungalows are defined as independent dwelling units which can be one, two or three storey’s high. They ten ...

Condominiums are mainly mid to high-rise buildings that are more luxurious with their full facilities (covered parking, 24-hr security, clubhouse facilities; e.g. swimming pools, tennis/squash court, gym, etc.).Its stylish exterior and attractive fac ...

Housing Development Board (HDB) Public Housing Flats
Residential property in Singapore can be broadly classified into private and public housing. The vast majority (80%) of Singaporeans live in public housing estates while the rest reside in private estates.Housing Development Board (HDB) Public Housin ...

How To Increase The Asking Price Of Your Home
How To Increase The Asking Price Of Your Home 1) LocationOver history it's been said the three things to look for in buying a property are its location, location, and location. There are positive and negative factors to almost every location. Let' ...

Semi-detached & Terrace Houses
Semi-detached houses are a pair of houses that share one common wall. There are no facilities provided here except for a personal carport and garden area.Terrace units are a row of houses that have common walls with those in the middle known as inter ...

Untitled Document Shophouses are the pre-industrial form of urban units characterised by 19th and early 20th century Southeast Asian towns, cities and commercial centres. Shophouses are one of the most significant building types in Sing ...

For those who prefer more privacy, townhouses’ are an ideal form of living in Singapore. They either form entire estates, or are part of a larger condominium establishment. Combined with facilities such as swimming pools, gyms and other recreationa ...

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