Residential property in Singapore can be broadly classified into private and public housing. The vast majority (80%) of Singaporeans live in public housing estates while the rest reside in private estates.

Housing Development Board (HDB) Public Housing Flats

Housing Development Board (HDB) Public Housing Flats

This little island of roughly four million people requires land to cater to all aspects of a developed society; industrial, leisure, military, air and sea port and infrastructure. Let’s not forgot housing to fit both Singaporeans and foreigners.

The Housing Development Board is the organisation that plans and develops affordable and comfortable residential estates. These flats cater to people from all walks of life and earning power. Costing between $110,000 to $550,000, these units are the most common form of accommodation for locals in Singapore.

Different Types of Private Housing in Singapore :
Condominiums, Apartments, Townhouses, Semi-detached & Terrace Houses, Bungalows, Shophouse

Written by:
Micheline Doray