Most bungalows (especially the larger ones) in Singapore were built before World War II and are a significant part of Singapore’s heritage. Bungalows are defined as independent dwelling units which can be one, two or three storey’s high. They tend to be located in serene wooded environments away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Expect to pay a higher price for the privacy and luxury that a bungalow will offer. Space is valued and scarce in Singapore thus private housing estates on average cost between S$800,000 to more than S$3 million.


The different types of bungalows in Singapore;

  • Early Bungalow (1860’s)
    Simple but elegant style of early British architecture but adapted to suit the local climate.

  • Victorian Bungalow (1870 to 1890s) Characterised by the heavy decorative ornamentation on the façade.

  • Black & White Bungalow (1900 to 1920’s)
    These 'black-and-white' houses, named after their colour scheme of white walls and black wood exteriors are Tudor in style and are remnants of Singapore’s colonial era. These houses varying in size from single-storey to double-storey buildings, often come with a generous plot of grassy land perfect for kids and pets, and are very popular with the expatriate community.

  • Art deco Bungalow (1920’s to 1930’s)

  • Early Modern Bungalow (1950 to 1960’s)

Written by:
Micheline Doray