How To Increase The Asking Price Of Your Home

1) Location
Over history it's been said the three things to look for in buying a property are its location, location, and location. There are positive and negative factors to almost every location. Let's pretend your property is right next door to a fire station. You need the kind of marketing professional that can sell the benefits of not having to worry about your new home burning down, or perhaps the savings on fire insurance. Seriously, no matter where your property may be located, there is a ready, willing, and able buyer in the marketplace. The 'problems' with the location of a property can be overcome; you just need a property agent who will work hard to do so.

2) Your Property Agent

  • Personality.
    It's hard to work with an agent you don't like. You won't trust him/her, and the entire experience will be a difficult one. You have enough on your mind without having to argue and bicker with your agent. No matter how good an agent is… if you don't like each other, then it won't be a good experience.
  • Availability.
    Having a full time agent (or a team of them) is vital to the successful sale of your home. If your agent isn't available to sell your house because he/she's 'working a day job', then how committed is that Realtor to you?
  • Work Ethic.
    Just like any other professional in your life, you need an agent who is organized, professional, and hard working. Have you ever seen a lawyer show up for a case in sweat pants and a t-shirt? Or a doctor say; 'I'm sorry, I can't deliver your baby because I have a 4:00 tea break time'? How about an accountant who can't manage his own finances? You should be able to expect the same level of professionalism from the agent you choose to represent you.

By having a professional agent working on your behalf, your entire experience will be more positive.

Are you flexible on handover dates? Is your property easy to show? Are you prepared to negotiate on appliances or other furniture? This flexibility makes your home much more attractive to potential buyers. For example, many overseas buyers won't even consider a home if the handover date is not suited to them. First-time homebuyers often have to purchase the appliances with the home because they have to put all of their savings into the down payment. Where are they going to get $3000 to buy appliances?

Making a Good Impression
Making a good first impression is important in getting a property sold. Painting the front door and walls, making sure the doorbell works, putting furniture and clothing in storage, and cleaning off counter tops and fridges are just a few of the little things that can be done to make properties more marketable and fetch you that extra cash over valuation (COV).

Determining a price is more than just picking a number. It involves careful analysis of the property. Many things come into account when determining a price. In fact, it is often through price where shortcomings in the other factors are balanced. For instance, if your home has been damaged from bad renters, is difficult to gain access to, has no public transportation nearby and is located right at the end of our island, then the home will have to be priced accordingly.

Written by:
Editorial Team