• Fei Fei Wantan Noodles:.Fei Fei’s helpings although small, are dedicately cooked and flavoured with a suitable amount chilli and gravy. It is served in the traditional rooster bowls that wanton mee hawkers from the past used. You will finish the delicious dish in four to five mouthfuls but the taste is worth the tease. It is fantastic especially if you are on a food tour and geared up for a day out trying the best of different kinds of Singaporean foods. You can also enjoy your food beyond the shelter of the coffeeshop and go alfresco with only the trees above your head and delight in the glorious sun unique to this region of the world.

Xin Hua coffeeshop
64 Joo Chiat Place

  • Kim Choo Nonya Bak Chang: Bak Changs are rice dumplings and this shop does the Nonya version.The Bak Chang store is located right next to Fei Fei Wanton Noodles, making it very convenient to try the few delicacies together. On its own, it is a very appetizing meal for breakfast or even just for a pack-and-go snack. Joo Chiat Place

Joo Chiat Place

  • Joo Chiat Prawn Mee: Its minimum cost and serving cheaply priced at $3, this prawn noodle dish is well worth its value in Singaporean Dollar. The noodles is accompanied by three medium-sized prawns, two pieces of tender pork ribs and is topped with a liberal amount of fried shallots. Bigger prawns can be requested for, for an additional price.

Hoon Bee Coffeeshop
Onan Road

  • Katong Laksa (4 Stores): Hailed as Singapore’s national dish by its loyalist camp, laksa, a humble dish of rice noodles, shrimps, cockles, fish cake and chilli paste in thick coconut-based broth has won over fans including expatriates, visiting dignitaries and celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain. But there’s laksa, and there’s Katong laksa. The Katong variety differs from its counterparts in that it is served only with a spoon (no chopsticks required), and mostly consists of rice noodles, cockles and shrimps. But of greater interest is that the dish can’t be separated from the territorial tussle that’s come to be known as the ‘Katong Laksa Wars’, with four stalls along the same stretch of road claiming to be the best/the original - the Real McCoy.

47, 49, 57 and 328
Corner of Ceylon Road and East Coast Road

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