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Singapore Guide
Districts & Street Names
» Insights of Singapore Districts
- Clarke Quay
- Club Street
- Chinatown
- Holland Village
- Jiak Kim / Robertson
- Katong
- Little India
- Marina Bay
- Mohamed Sultan
- Orchard Road
- Singapore River
- Sentosa Island
more districts
» Fact Sheet of Singapore Districts
» Singapore Street Names
Insights of Little India view in map
Insights and Travel Tips on Singapore Little India. Where to go, What to do and even planned tours.

Little India map
About Singapore Little India
However modern and forward-thinking Indians in Singapore are today, they still retain the customs and traditions of their forefathers. Religion, family ties and food continue to be an integral part of their lives. Vibrant festivals and exuberant mult ...

Festivals in Singapore Little India
Image (C) Poky Kim ThaipusamA spectacular celebration of mind over matter. Devotees walk with kavadis (semi-circular wooden or metal arches often elaborately decorated with peacock feathers, tinsel and flowers) pierced into their bodies with spike ...

Glossary of Indian Vegetarian Food
Indian Vegetarian Food VegetarianismHindus generally do not eat beef or are vegetarians, as they believe that revering all animal life helps to bring religious purity. This is especially so for the cow, man’s source of milk and transport, and b ...

Little India Walking Tour Guide Overview
About the Walking Tour Guide (Little India)We have created two routes to help you discover the main attractions in Little India, You will also be able to experience a slice of everyday life here and see quirky details most tourists might miss. We s ...

Top Restaurants in Little India
Located alongside the more established restaurants such as Muthu's Curry and Banana Leaf, Fifth Season may seem like a small eatery in a league of its own. However, having been around only for a couple of months, Fifth Season al ...

Little India Walking Tour, Route 1
Little India Walking Tour, Route 1 STARTStart your journey 1 at Little India MRT Station (NE7 on the purple North-East Line). Take Exit C (Bukit Timah Road). Tekka Market Walking right, along the path skirting a row of shops, you’ll reach t ...

Little India Walking Tour, Route 2
Little Indian Walking Tour - Route 2 Start Route 2 at Kampong Kapor Methodist ChurchHead to Kampong Kapor Methodist Church on Kampong Kapor Road. Catering to a largely Peranakan (Straits-born Chinese) congregation that resided in the area around ...

More about the Saree, Pottu (Bhindi) & Henna
More about the Saree, Pottu (Bhindi) & Henna SareeThe saree is a traditional garment for women. It comprises a long single piece of fabric, approximately 5.5 metres in length and 1 metre in width, expertly wound around a woman’s body, with ...

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