Singapore offers a myriad of desserts that are even more colorful — literally — than its main courses. They are served hot or cold, sticky or clear, wobbly or firm and can be a healthy or sinful treat that is totally worth the calories!

In this sweltering hot weather, indulging in these local delights can be an excellent way to beat the heat!

Thankfully, almost every food centre and food court in Singapore has a dessert stall serving up an endless list of sweet temptations. Take your pick!

  • Ice Kachang (Ice Kacang):
    An evolution of the old ice ball, that is topped with coloured syrup/gula melaka/evaporated milk, beans and jelly. There have been popular variations using durian and mango puree to give this treat an exciting twist! We love how it is absolutely refreshing to savour during a hot day!

  • Almond Jelly with longans
  • Despite its name, almond jelly is actually made with apricot kernels, sweetened, and then heated with agar to create a soft gelatin dessert which consistency is comparable with tofu. It is usually served with crushed ice and longans.
  • Chendol:
    Mung bean jelly strips with shaved ice, coconut milk and brown palm sugar come together to form a harmonious concoction. The element of coconut milk doesn't make this a healthy dessert choice, but one that is vastly satisfying. We recommend that you eat this in moderation, or ask for lesser coconut milk.
  • Bubur Cha-Cha:
  • Bubur Cha-cha is a feast for the eyes and taste buds with its color and being rich in flavour. This Nyonya coconut milk-based dessert is improved with a medley of sweet potatoes, taro, tapioca pearls and sago.
  • Ice Jelly:
    This simple, yet refreshing treat is made with Aiyu jelly and topped with shaved ice, lime and a choice of fruit. The lime factor gives this dessert a zesty twist.

  • Grass Jelly:
    A herbal jelly that is served with syrup and a choice of fruit toppings. It is a refreshing dessert even when served on its own! The ever versatile grass jelly can also be added to ice kachang, chendol, bandung and soy bean milk.

  • Cheng Tnq:
    A variety of ingredients have been boiled together to form this sweet soup that can be enjoyed warm or cold. This nutritious soup comprises of a myriad of dried fruits, nuts, barley and sweetened with cane sugar/brown sugar.
  • Tau Suan:
    Split mung beans are steamed in sugared water and cornstarch to give this sweet, starchy soup its distinct flavour. Topped with fried doughsticks, this makes for a wonderful filling dessert.

  • Bubur Tengu:
    Boiled white wheat berries is sweetened with sugar and topped with coconut milk. Chewy and exceptionally tasty, this makes for a one-of-a-kind dessert to enjoy!

  • Pulot Hitam:
    Black glutinous rice is boiled to form a porridge-like consistency, and flavoured with sugar, pandan leaves, dried longan and then topped with coconut milk. This thick and tasty dessert boasts an excellent texture and the pairing with coconut milk is indeed a match made in heaven!

  • Or Nee:
    This is a traditional Teochew dessert symbolizing unity and happiness.
    Sweetened yam puree is mixed with pumpkin and gingko nuts and steamed into a velvety smooth dessert. A drizzle of coconut milk gives it that extra unique taste.
  • Tau Huay:
    This is a soft, smooth soybean custard that is served with clear sweet syrup. Just like its drink variation, this dessert can be served warm or cold for everyone's preference.
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