Camping Spots in PUlau Ubin

The 3 common sites are:

1. Noordin Beach. A popular camping site with 1km of white sandy beaches (best visited during low tide). It is roughly 3.2km away by road from Ubin jetty. You get a view of johor across the straits but unfortunately, it is also block by metal gates. A popular spot among anglers and campers.

2. Mamam Beach has to be reinforced with a wooden railings after it was threatened with serious soil erosion in 1999.

3. Jelutong campsite For more information call the Information Kiosk at 6542-4108.

Ubin is a natural environment. You are not allowed to cut trees (offenders can be find up to $50,000 under 'Parks & Trees act,  Cap 216 , 2006 Edition) or branches or set up a campfire. Only Jelutong Campsite has facilities to accomodate a campfire.

Toilet Facilities
Toilet facilities are available at all three campsites. The water is not suitable for drinking or bathing. 

You dont need permits to camp at the 3 beaches above as it is on a first come basis. Campers are advised to drop by Ubin Nparks Info Kiosk at Ubin Jetty for some camping do's and donts.  Also remember to register your particulars at the Pulau Ubin Police Post for ease of contact in case of emergencies.

There other beaches on Ubin. They are generally wild, quiet, unspoilt and without facilities.