If you are looking for cheap live seafood, Juromg Fishery Port is a wholesale market you can try. Here's what you need to know before going down though;

Jurong Fishery Port started operations in 1969. It is an international port for foreign fishing vessels to land their fish catch. It serves not only as a docking and bunkering base for foreign fishing vessels operating in the Indian and Pacific Ocean, but also as a marketing and distribution centre for fresh fish.

Jurong Fishery Port opens daily but is busiest during 1am to 4am. Monday morning (12am to 6am) is considered their rest day and not many trawlers are in. So dont expect to see much activities there.

Jurong Fishery Port

The best time to go is Friday midnight/sat early morning. You will find many good catch from fishes, live prawns, crabs etc. The place is usually very crowded after 3am (yes 3am in the morning and its very crowded). But this is when you get the best catch. If you are there early at 12am, most of the trawlers are just unloading their catch. 

Worst Time to Go: Dont expect much after 4am as most of the goods will be taken by wholesalers. 

Remember you are visiting a fish market! Non slippery waterproof footwear is highly recommended. And yes, your footwear will smell. 

Dont expect to get very cheap prices! Unless you are buying in bulk, dont expect rock bottom prices. Bulk meaning; red grouper (12pcs is 20Kg), Sea bass (10pcs is 18kg), Blue tail Prawn (1 basket @ 25kg)

Dont Expect Courtesy here! These people are here to do business and not entertain tourist or Singaporeans looking for things to do . Avoid blocking the helpers when they are pushing the trolleys along the aisle.

Visit this place for the experience and fun of it. Your kids will love it. 

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