Bukit Timah - Sacred Kramat

There is a 485 year old miracle well and a shrine along Bukit Timah road. The Kramat Burung Merpati, also known as The Pigeon Shrine, is not an ordinary shrine. Unlike many other shrines around the world, this particularly one does not have a body buried beneath it. it was made sacred by the legendary Holy Man and saint named Ishmail. Faithful followers believe in the healing powers of the well and till this day, many can be seen visiting the shrine to pay their respects to Ishmail. People can be seen drinking the water of the well in hopes that it would heal those who are sick.

It has been said that a supernatural force used to exist in the midst of Bukit Timah hill. A pious Muslim named Ishmail travelled to Singapore from India more than 500 years ago and he settled down in the hill. Just a hundred metres away from the shrine lies a waterfall and a naturally formed meditation rock in the middle of Bukit Timah hill. 

Legend has it that Jinn would bathe in the waterfall every Thursday night and on one fateful night, Ishmail stumbled across the waterfall and encountered Jinn. The events of that day is still unknown but in the following days and nights, Ishmail was seen sitting on the meditation rock that resembles a chair. He would meditate day after day without food or water until one day, he gained immortality and vanished into thin air

 In the recent days, the caretaker of The Pigeon Shrine has reported that Ishmail appeared in his dreams and in real life. The shrine is blessed with the spirit of Ishmail back in those days and until now, his spirit still dwells there.

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