Victim managed to snap a shot of the bully.

This is a first-hand account of a taxi driver being bullied by a civilian. Taxi drivers may be stereotyped to have less than gracious driving styles, however, incidents whereby they are the victims still abound. Awareness should be raised, as this is akin to workplace bullying. 

'Road bully cases are something I only read in Stomp and FB. Today I came face-to-face with one. He claimed I took his parking lot, however there were 2 empty lots in front of him. Perhaps it was his favourite lot. 

He pulled my door open. I pulled it back and locked the doors. He asked me to get out of my car. I thought differently and stayed put. He then went to the back and took a photo of my taxi. He also took a photo of me from the front of the taxi.

He knocked on my window and asked me to come out saying he wants to talk to me. I knew I shouldn't and I did not.

When he said, 'I know you come here everyday at this time', I decided to call the police immediately.

While waiting for police to arrive. He left. 

When the policemen arrived, they asked me if I would want to persue the matter. After some thought, I said yes. 

It's good to let the police handle him. In event that there's any damage to my taxi, they will know who to look for.'