Most parents in Singapore reportedly regret working too much during their children’s early years.  Sometimes the boundary between your work life and personal life isn't really clear. In this age of technology and 24/7 connectivity, it’s easy for us to turn into workaholics. There is nothing wrong with wanting to work hard in order to be successful, to give their families and themselves a good home and a comfortable life.

It’s important to find a healthy balance between your work life and personal life.


Working Smarter Versus Working Harder
The key is to simplify how you work. Make every minute count. Concise your tasks and know what it takes to complete it. Avoid doing tasks unrelated to the work at hand, which leads to being counterproductive. Replying to a couple of emails and collating information can take up precious time that can otherwise be used to complete important work. Accomplish tasks in the most efficient way possible to have time for socializing, family, play and most importantly, rest.


Get Lots Of Quality Sleep
Sleep is something we can all take for granted. Not getting enough sleep will not only adversely affect your health, but will also crush your daily productivity. Not having sufficient sleep leads you to being unable to focus at work, and even at play with your child. Do yourself a favor and have quality rest every single day.

A common issue that plagues us lately is the use of smart phones before we turn in for the night. Reading an article or two, or catching up with the latest social media feeds can be detrimental to not only our quality of sleep, but also our eyesight. The blue light that is emitted from technologies is said to be harmful to our eyes at night.


Drop Activities That Sap Your Energy And Time
One great way for you to take charge of your time and remain productive is by dropping activities that drain your energy. Things like mindless gossip with co-workers, negative thinking, online arguments and excessive worrying can quickly zap your energy. These types of activities only lead to unnecessary stress and aggravation. Instead, focus on things you can control. This includes taking good care of yourself, eating right and exercising regularly. This gives you energy to work and play well.

Take Time To Unplug
Technology has made unplugging much harder. The reality is that many people are addicted to their devices. Checking emails, being on call 24/7, posting on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites has become routine and expected. A good practice to have is to keep your technological devices away while spending quality time with your family. Allocate time slots during the weekends, only during which you will use your devices. Let your colleagues and superiors know about the arrangement. This way, you will have quality family time away from your devices and be accountable for work at the same time.

Follow these steps and you can be fully energized for all sorts of activities in life, for both work and play with your children.  

You can be successful at your careers and be loving parents who  spend more time with their children. All it takes is lots of conscious time management and the cultivation of good habits.

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