Concentration dwindling? Is your vision getting blurry from staring at the screen 6 hours straight? Nodding away at lectures? Heading to the toilet to catch some shuteye?

Here are 3 Ways To Help You Stay Awake & to increase productivitiy!



Breathing Exercises

1. Take a deep breath in through your nose (making sure that you are using your lungs and not your throat)
2. Breathe out slowly through your mouth

That will give you instantly give you renewed energy to get through the rest of the day!



1. Smile at a mirror. (When no one’s around)
2. Keep smiling 

Smiling gives you a positive energy boost, and eventually, you will realize how ridiculous you look smiling at nothing and you will chuckle at yourself!


1. Stand up
2. Raise your hands up in the air 
3. Reach your right hand to your left foot
4. Then reach your left hand to your right foot.
5. Repeat!

Windmills make you cross one side of your body over the other side. This triggers your brain and engages the left and right sides of your brain. This means that your WHOLE brain is activated, instead of just one side. Pretty cool, huh?


Share this with that friend whom you know constantly struggles to stay awake. He will be eternally grateful.