1) Choose the type of animal you and your family would be happiest with.

For example: If you’re a dog person, take into account the size, temperament, energy level, health as well as to purchase the dog from a breeder or to adopt from a local animal shelter.

Most importantly, verify if no one has any particular allergies to any animal in particular.

2) Your personality vs. the pet’s personality.

It’s best to find a pet that complements your personality. If you’re always on the go, a pet that likes to laze around might not be the best fit, likewise if you have a high-energy pet when you’re a super chill individual.

3) Time

Do you have time to devote to a pet? If you’re leaving early for work and returning home late everyday, then it’s hard to find time to care for your pet. Consider the number of hours you work and the amount of hours your pet will require. Do take into consideration about traveling too. If you travel frequently and for long periods of time, a pet will be difficult to bring along or take care of.

4) Children

If you have children or are thinking of having them soon, make sure that your pet is kid-friendly. While looking for a pet for your child, consider the age of your children and how much responsibility is needed to take care of it.

5) Cost

Being a pet owner is not cheap. Think about how much money you can devote to your pets. They will need injection shots and medical attention if they have health issues. Don’t forget pet accessories, food, bowls, toys that could really add up in the long run.

6) Space

This will depend on the breed and type of animal you choose to own. If you’re living in a HDB apartment, a small and less active animal will be a good fit. Think about where your pet will sleep too – in their bed or in bed with you?

If you've done proper research and have your family's full support, then we will wish you the best of luck in raising a pet!

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