How To Make Emergency DIY Candles From Household Items?

What will you do if you face a sudden blackout at home, and have ran out of batteries for your torchlight?

Well, learn how to make your own candles, using these simple objects that can easily be found in your house.

It may seem unbelievable, but yes, even an orange works!

As shown in the video above, here are the five household items:

1. Cheese wax

Roll up a strip of newspaper into a thin, tight roll and wrap it up in the cheese wax. Position it so that it can stand upright on its own, and then light it up.

2. Butter

Cut out a small piece of butter and poke a hole in it with a thin screwdriver (for hygiene purposes, you can use those wooden skewers for food) Push in a cotton string and light it up. The butter will melt so it's best to get it on a small plate to prevent a mess!

3. Canned tuna in sunflower oil

Pierce a hole in the can of tuna using a screwdriver.(Take caution not to pierce through the other side!) Place a cotton string in that hole and light it up. This simple oil burner is effective, and you can still eat the tuna later!

4. Wax crayon

Those with children will definitely be able to make use of this method. Simply light up the tip of the crayon and let it burn. *It may take a few tries before you succeed in lighting up the crayon, but don't give up!

5. Half an orange peel

Carefully slice through the peel of half an orange and remove the fruit. Make sure that the centre stem is intact as you need to use it as a wick. Fill the orange with olive oil and light up the 'wick'.

As the saying goes, 'desperate times comes for desperate measures'. If you're in dire need of a light source, these makeshift candles will definitely come in handy!

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