Know that horrid feeling? The one that makes your toes curl and hair stand? Learn how to STOP the pain without having to grit your teeth, doing nothing, waiting for muscle to finally relax. 


Scroll down to read about the BEST way to stop muscle spasms in bed.

1. Hot Bath
One of the easiest ways to deal with muscle spasm is to have a hot bath or shower. So the next time you get a muscle cramp in your sleep, simply wobble over to the bathroom and soak your calf in warm warm water.

2. Reach for Your Toes
You can also do some simple stretch exercises. This will improve blood circulation and help the connective tissue around the muscles. Before you pump up those muscles, hit the showers, it would prevent any occurrence of muscle spasm. 

3. Eat More of These!
Muscle spasm mainly happens due to calcium deficiency, so include calcium in your diet. You can find good source of calcium in low-fat dairy products such as yoghurt, skim milk and ricotta cheese

Inadequate supply of potassium to your body is another reason for muscle spasms. Increase your intake of potassium, eat good amount of bananas, potatoes, soya flour, bran wheat, ready-to-eat apricots and such.

Chamomile tea helps in relieving muscle spasms. Glycine, an amino acid present in the tea, help relax the muscles. Magnesium deficiency is usually caused due to alcohol, renal disease and diabetes mellitus. 

4. And Less of These
If you are prone to muscle spasms it may be because of the acids that interfere with the body's ability to absorb calcium. Lessen the intake of acidic foods like tomatoes and vinegar

5. Reeeeelax
Do not exert yourself by overusing your muscles. Take it easy for while and relax. Too much of physical exertion takes its toll on the body. Frequent muscle spasms could be the manifestation of this over exertion. If while doing some activity you get a muscle spasm, take a 15 minute break. This prevents muscle spasm in the long run. 


If you get a muscle spasm while you are lying in bed, stretch your leg straight out, bend the toes back towards the head. Hold this position for 30 seconds, relax and continue till the cramp is gone. This stretches your calf muscle. This can also be done while you are standing.