To get rid of ants in your home, here are a few ideas.

These suggestions are natural, relatively cheap and are free of chemicals - which will be better for you, your family, pets as well as the environment in the long run.

1. Keep your house clean.

A clean house is your first defense against ants. 

- Vacuum up food crumbs, wipe up any spills, take out the thrash and keep sinks clean to get rid of the ants' food source. 

- Wipe your counter tops, cabinets, floors and tables with distilled white vinegar (or a vinegar + water mixture) regularly to erase ant trails and make your counter tops even more clean!

- Keep all food in airtight containers. Added bonus of keeping your food fresher!

- Put your pet's food bowl in a shallow tray filled with water. Dispose of all food in your pet's bowl and clean it ASAP to prevent ants from swarming in.


2. Deter them from entering your home.

Discourage them from even considering your home as an easy target. Do some scouting work on your own and follow the ants to see where they're coming and leaving from.

- Use caulk (a waterproof sealant/filler) to seal up any cracks or holes that ants can enter.

- Spray insecticide around doors and windows.

- Place cucumber slices near cracks and entry points.

- Line suspected entry ways with substances and scents that ants hate.

These includes baby powder (contains talcum powder - a natural ant repellent), glue, plaster and petroleum jelly.

Scents includes vinegar, lavender oil, mint, garlic cloves, camphor, peppermint oil, cinnamon, black pepper, cayenne pepper, coffee grounds and bay leaves.

 *These methods prevents new colonies from entering your home - but doesn't deal with those that are already inside. Do not put any ant bait near these repellents as they will be rendered useless.


3. Use food against them.

Yes food! Put corn meal where the ants are appearing. Corn meal is highly effective against ants as they can eat it, but can't digest them properly, causing death.


If these methods are not effective enough for you OR if you're bugged (pun intended) by other types of household pests - perhaps it's time to call in the experts for help ASAP.

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