Why is it that the police don't penalise people for being irritating drivers? Send these to your friends who drive - especially the ones you know commit these heinous acts of automotive indiscretion.

Braking All The Time

People who drive automatics often rest their left foot on the brake. This means their brake lights are on all the time, and in extreme cases they will use far more fuel and wear out their pads. It also means that drivers following them don't actually know when they're braking. This includes the group of people who jam breaks in the middle of nowhere.

Annoyance factor: 95%


It's rush hour, everyone's heading in the same direction, the lanes stop and start at different times, and some monkey is trying to eek out a several metre advantage every kilometre.

Annoyance factor: 60% if the driver doesn't pull in front of you; 95% if the driver does

P-Plate Drivers

We can't expect drivers who spend 90% of their driving time at rush hour speeds to be confident and comfortable doing 100km/h on the open highway. So, let's encourage them to fly or stay at home rather than hold us up dawdling along at 85.

Annoyance factor: 60%


Driving slowly looking for an address, but not indicating or pulling to the left so that other drivers can pass.

Annoyance factor: 75%

Lane hogging

Middle-lane magnetism, or just plain bad lane discipline. Keep left if you're not overtaking!

Annoyance factor: 85%

Erratic speed

You're doing 80kph where I can't overtake you, but then speed up to 110kph when I can. That's just bad karma. Or, you're the type of person that overtakes me, then slows down to slower than I was doing.

Annoyance factor: 99%


If you really want to get that far up my backside, buy me some flowers. It's especially annoying if I'm already above the speed limit, but within the police's tolerance.

Annoyance factor: 100% (if I'm already driving quickly)


Women Drivers

This applies to the indecisive women only. Those who stop in the middle of the road, contemplating a right turn,... or worse, those who drive against the traffic! Go back to driving school please - https://www.streetdirectory.com/businessfinder/company/2785/Driving_School/

Annoyance factor: 100%

Get a car camera to arm yourself with evidence. You never know when you will meet an annoying/reckless driver. Check cameras out here.