7 Awesome tricks to make interacting with your iPhone more productive and fun! Comment & let us know (on our facebook page!) which feature you were most excited to learn about.


1. View Timestamps on Messages

For those of you who upgraded to iOS7 should realize that your messages no longer has a timestamp. Turns out there’s a really easy way to view timestamps of your messages in iOS 7: touch and drag message bubbles to the left.


2. Switching Keyboard Quickly

When you want to type just one number, it is inconvenient to switch from the alpha keypad to numbers and back again. Here’s the trick: Press and hold the number key and then slide to the number and lift your finger off, it will type the number and automatically switch back to previous keyboard.

This will require abit of getting used to...but it will be Awesome!


3. iPhone Ruler 

Ruler + iPhone

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Sometimes the most genius ideas are the most simple, right? By that measure (hehe), this hack is completely brilliant and especially useful if you occasionally need to take small measurements but don't feel like carrying around a ruler.

How do you do it? Take a picture of a ruler and use it as your background or wallpaper. When you scale the photo in the edit function, line your phone up with the ruler to ensure it is true to size. Then thank us later.

Thank you, Huffington Post! 


4.  An iPhone Wire Maintainer 

Protect your iPhone wires before they break apart! If you have a dried-out pen and some well-worn chargers and USB cords, we'd highly recommend this one.

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5. On the iPad: Thumb Mode

 Make typing more comfortable by switching your keyboard to thumb mode.

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Simply swipe two fingers across the keyboard. This displays a different keyboard, which allows you to type with your thumbs the same way you type on your iPhone.

***Alternatively, you can press the “dock and merge” button in the bottom righthand corner of the keyboard and drag up. The keyboard will turn into thumb mode, and you can also drag it wherever you want.


6. Limit Your Child or Pesky Friend’s Access

Turn on Guided Access while a child is playing with your phone or iPad.

Guided Access, once turned on, keeps users from errantly clicking or tapping within an app and ending up someplace they’re not supposed to be, or deleting something accidentally.

First, you need to go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access and turn it on. You’ll also want to turn on the Accessibility Shortcut.

Triple-click the home button in whichever app you want to turn it on for. From here, you can select any buttons that you don’t want clicked. Or you can also disable the home button while keeping the touchscreen on.


7. Prevent Accidental Expenditure 

This is especially useful if you have kids, or have zero self-control when it comes to Candy Crush. Go to Settings > General > Restrictions, Enable Restrictions, and scroll down to disable In-App Purchases.


Bonus Tricks:

Charge your phone twice as fast - put it on airplane mode.

Home Button not working? - Go to an iPhone default app like Calculator. Press and hold lock button. The Power Off screen will appear. Press and hold Home button. Watch your phone reboot!

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Tips adapted from Lifehack & Huffington Post.