Accidents can happen within a milisecond. 

Something as innocent as dropping your keys, retreieving your Nets card for the ERP machine, or letting your toddler wander out of sight for just a moment can lead to dire consequences (watch the video below).

While you should always be driving safely, taking note of the following roads and ensuring you be extra careful while driving there will do you good.

Statistics are there for a reason, these 10 most accident-prone roads in Singapore have chalked up a higher number of accidents due to various reasons. It could be that there are blind spots or proneness to speeding in the area. 

Take note of these 10 roads and drive safely!

The top 10 accident-prone roads – in no particular order – are: 



Accident on Bukit Timah Road


Yesterday's Near Accident on Bedok North Road

Via Aviva