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The First Wildlife Park in the World

Night Safari is the first wildlife park built especially to be viewed at night unlike the traditional nocturnal houses elsewhere. The Night Safari occupies 40 hectares of land, with some free ranging animals from South America, African Widlife and other parts of Asia, such as the Indian rhinoceros to tarsiers.

Similar to the open concept at the Singapore Zoo, animals here are separated from visitors with natural barriers replicating the animal's native habitat. A total of 920 animals are found in the park, of which 30% of the animals are endangered species.

Divided into eight geographical zones, which can be explored on foot via the walking trails: the Fishing Cat Trail, Forest Giants Trail and the Leopard Trail. Or you can even go on a tram ride. The Fishing Cat Trail consists of ferocious fishing cats, here seen preying on the fishes with great intensity. Other inhabitants of this trail include other Asian animals such as the Asian mouse deer, Indian gharials, the noisy and playful little clawed otters and the highlight of this trail is the Malayan flying fox - the largest bat in the world.

Night Safari

Night Safari

The Leopard trail will offer you full of surprises.
This trail houses the vicious Leopard cat, tarsiers and small toothed civets which is specifically known for their foul smelling secretions when wet. The highlight of this trail would be the Mangrove Walk. In this dark netted boardwalk area, you will see huge bats hanging from branches right above the boardwalk. The smaller bats can be seen flying above your head.

Lastly, at the Forest Giants Trail, you will be able to spot wild animals such as bats, flying lemurs or even snakes inhabiting the forest.

Had enough of walking?
Then its time for you to try the 40-minute tram ride with live commentary by an experienced guide. This educational ride includes commentary about the large hoof stock, such as the free-ranging deers, predators like the hyena, lions, tigers and some of the stranger animals such as the giant anteater. The ride is focused on displaying many of the endangered species from the regions of Asia, Africa and South America.

Don't miss the daily night animal show at the entrance. It is usually crowded because of its small venue. You'll certainly experience an interesting night out at the Night Safari.

Opening Hours:
7.30pm to 12am daily (Last admission: 11pm)

Adult: S$20.00, Child: S$10.00 including GST
Tickets can be purchased at the Night Safari Ticketing Counter.