Looking back, it’s easy to typecast Bods.Bodynit’s as just another local brand trying to cash in on the fitness craze that is blossoming in Singapore. Chances are, if they care enough to work that hard in looking good, they will want to look good when they’re working out. However, this 23-year old brand has recently revealed a more casual and fun side to it, with more fashion forward and trend-spotting designs. From being associated to just gyms, it is just a matter of time before Bods.Bodynits start to make head waves in a field otherwise known to be playing fields for the foreign names.

Part of the misconception that Bods.Bodynits is only for the body beautiful lied strongly in their gym-friendly clothes. However, with clothes that are structured with a loose fit, the apparel line is more body friendly than what people would give it credit for. You don’t have to worry about not having that taut stomach and that slim waist. Open to the idea that people come in every shape and size, the outer wears seek to complement and enhance, as opposed to marginalizing.

Now, with its Casual Fashion line, the revamp comes in the form of trendy denim apparels and a huge collection of woven and knitted casual wears. Should you be concerned about the feasibility of knitwear in our 30 something degrees weather, don’t. Their clientele includes those who are frequent travelers and there’s a whole other world that has autumn, winter and even cool summer. Furthermore, Bods.Bodynits is proving itself to be quite the trendsetter with collaborations with famed crystals powerhouse Swarovski. Having the honor of being one of two Southeast Asian brands chosen to showcase their line in Swarovski’s global event, the Crystal Energy Event in Tokyo, a premium collection with a more intensive affiliation between the two brands will soon be revealed to rock the world of the jeans addicts.

Aimed more towards an audience with the globalized mindset ( think MTV, party people , jetsetters) , the crossover also means that the brand will also be launching collections that are more flirty and fun while retaining an urban practicality to them. Their upcoming presentation called The Traveler Collection is inspired by racial and cultural diversity in the Himalayan regions. Fusing modern chicness with flashes of old-world culturalism, ethnic details will take centre stage against a backdrop of modern elements. And soon enough, they will also venture into the Latin craze of embroideries, prints and stitches on sensual cuts and flirtier auras. It’s all about creating a happy festival of colours and graphics like a Samba fiesta.

Despite all the changes, one thing still remains though. Their vision remains with keeping their silhouettes sleek and ensuring that their visitors never feel too overpowered by the clothes. After all, you should define what you wear and not vice versa. Their introduction of denims are vibrant with detail and cut such that it will provide longer legs. A dream for those who aspires for the illusion of a leggier and taller presence. Besides just aesthetics, their materials are chosen to ensure absolute comfort since humidity is really quite the fashion killer here. Options such as cotton rayon, cotton spandex and cotton linen are chosen for their airy factors and non heat-inducing trademarks.

And if you think that all these revamps come with price tags that are companied with multiple digits, then you will be glad to know that they remain consumer-friendly by sticking to a mid-range pricing. All these despite the fact that they have broken into foreign markets like Malaysia, Mexico and Canada. Taking risks have paid off for them so far, and chances are they will maintain their credibility for quite some time.

Ultimately, the appeal of Bods.Bodynits lies in the fact that they are not one to stereotype bodies to the skeletal images portrayed in mass media. It’s all about embracing what you really are and just enhancing what you already have. And when you already have a brand that understands you, life just gets so much more easier.

Stores Located At : Marina Square
Suntec City
Center Point
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