Admit it. We all love the feel of freshly exfoliated skin. When our tips comes in contact with our face, and what pulsates through our senses is nothing but skin so smooth that it doesn’t feel older than a day of living, we can’t help but relish in euphoria. With the ability to reveal the inner you, which has been masked away from the dirt, grime and toils of the ages, is Institut Clarins. It’s been around for years, and it has been the source of confidence for a lot of its customers. Pride maybe considered one of the cardinal sins, but when pride feels this good to the touch, there’s no harm in indulging once in a while.

Having been around for over 50 years, Clarins is a brand name familiar with many. Its beauty counters are staples in most of the high end shopping centres. An expert in the issue of skin care as well, Clarins has been known to produce some of the most effective products using plant extracts as their main base. This fame has catapulted Clarins to dizzying heights of being a leader in making the world a generally more beautiful place. Besides just the croissants, the baguettes and the Eiffel Tower , Clarins has placed its mark as one of the more known attractions coming out of France .

Taking this expertise one level higher, Institut Clarins cultivates the same nurturing habits of capitalising on the beneficial properties of plants, while infusing essential oils and manual techniques into their services to further guarantee results for their treatments. Completely safe, the facials and body treatments come with no less than 80 movements, performed by specially trained therapists. In a world of machines and injections, Clarins’ confidence in relying on the gentle pressure of hands is outstanding. Available all over the world, from Singapore to Indonesia and right down to Italy , your modern need for a bit of pampering doesn’t have to take a break with every mile you travel away from home.

Entering the boutique spa, you will be greeted by the typical colours of gold, red and white, associated with the famous beauty care line. It is tucked at a little corner on the fifth floor of Wheelock Place and comes across as deceivingly small upon entrance. However, with 13 treatment rooms lined along the passageway inside, it is easily one of the biggest centres here. While waiting for your therapists, you will be directed to the lounge where drinks are provided for you to take advantage of. And for those rushing off to an event after that, you will be more than happy to know that Institut Clarins has set up a powdering corner for you to touch up on your make up. Most spas will send you into the world with your bare skin, but for Clarins, due to their gentle-yet-effective treatments, they are confident enough in letting you add some colour to your refurnished template. Imagine ladies, all the colours and wonders of the Clarins make up line at your disposal. If that is not pampering, I don’t know what is.

The treatments that Clarins offer range to suit what you want. Using their Pro Active line, a more intensive version of their counter products, you have the options of combating signs of ageing with Age Defying, or Radiance for a glowing complexion or others like Hydrating and Super Restorative. You will start off with an exfoliation treatment that amazingly doesn’t have the abrasive feel that comes with most facials. Lasting about an hour, these programs will instantly make you feel like a million bucks. The treatments, however, are not restricted to just face work. To ensure that you get a full pampering treat, the therapist will work on other parts of your body such as hands and feet while your rich mask is sipping through your pores. Truly luxurious for reasonable prices of about 125 per session, every inch of the step has been carefully designed to make sure you get a treatment fit for royalty.

Besides that, there are also body treatments available. Held in small rooms lit by yellow and blue lights to feed off your senses, tummy trimming and body sculpting are some of the options available for every discerning client. After all, no point having a pretty face if your body does not follow suit. Still relying on massage methods and the Pro Active line, these treatments are made more pleasant with the burning of aromatherapy scents that are not as overpowering as you would expect. Refreshing and rejuvenating, Institut Clarins also specialises in treatments for those in the delicate state of pregnancies. Ever so concerned with their clientele, the treatments are designed to bring out the radiant glows of impending motherhood and also, to relax any muscular tensions that may weigh down on their glorious bodies.

The men are not left out either, with Institut Clarins having programmes for this growing group that is becoming ever more obsessed with their looks. However, before you get the wrong impression, the treatments are limited to just shoulders-up so no luck there, fellas. So, it’s only facials for you but hey, you can always sweat it out in the gyms before.

Odds are if you’ve been searching high and low for that one truly magical moment when you’re feeling low, a treatment at Clarins Institut will provide the perk you up. You will notice a difference with just one treatment and naturally, your confidence will immediately climb. And when you’re oozing with confidence and your hot factor has risen through the ranks, chances are you will be getting glances of envy from everyone else. And that’s not your sin. Yours will merely be pride and making the world a more beautiful place, aesthetically.

Institut Clarins
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