Vernis, which is a spin-off from the word varnish, is one quaint nail spa that offers quality manicure and pedicure services with highly personalized service standards. Hidden at the back of Winsland House and facing a quiet road with private estates, patrons of Vernis can truly enjoy a peaceful time pampering themselves without being bothered by the annoying buzz of busy roads and the hectic city movements, even though this spa is conveniently located in town itself. With a full glass exterior, this nail spa is sunny inside and out; Sunlight streams into this cozy space, and is accessorized with translucent white and pink drapes that drop from the ceiling to the carpeted floor beneath. Pristine glass shelves that line one wall hold a wide range of nail products from the American brand that Vernis uses exclusively in all their services. On the other end, there are 4 manicure and pedicure thrones each, each beckoning me to indulge in some much-needed pampering.

I was treated to a luxurious pedicure and leg massage by a young and cheery pedicurist, whom I fully entrusted my tired feet to. Seated in a comfortable black leather armchair, my tootsies were first washed and moisturized, before they were plunged into a basin of warm water. Suitably softened, the pedicurist then proceeded onto tidying up my nails by trimming the cuticles and removing dead skin, reshaping my nails and finally filing them into standard squares. I was also treated to an aromatic peppermint foot scrub that contains natural sand to further remove any dead skin on my soles. Prepping my nails for the adding of colours, she first buffed them and then applied moisturizing oil delicately onto every nail to allow for greater care and smoother application. While waiting for it to dry, I was also treated to a calf and foot massage which was simply divine. Finally, the pedicurist applied a basecoat, before proceeding to paint my selected colour expertly on all of my toenails, and then sealing everything in with a layer of topcoat. Begrudgingly, my treatment ended in a rather short one hour session, but was adequate to give me beautifully groomed nails that never looked prettier!

At Vernis, tasty treats meet top notch nail services offered, alongside a delectable line of all natural products that complement flawless manicures and pedicures offered in this nail spa. Serving mostly people who work or live around the area, this small but professional spa also caters to their many regulars to whom they fully entrust the grooming of their nails to.

So the next time you are around the corner from Winsland House for some Killiney coffee, why not swing by Vernis for some quaint nail pampering?

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