Your dreams of achieving the ad-worthy hair are made real with the Kérastase Hair and Scalp Institute. Located at J’s Salon, the concept boutique salon is dedicated in refurnishing your locks with much-needed nutrients. Using only the best from the Kérastase line, the institute is a pampering spa for your senses, body and hair.

Having been in the fore front of hair care, Kérastase is a name known amidst the vain and the hair experts. With a vision in providing the most innovative and personalised hair care regimes, this 42-year old line has been sworn upon by celebrities and all other clients alike. Revolutionary in their technology, their presentations are fuss free with the ability to deliver just what they promised.

J’s salon, on the other hand, is a worthy compatriot for this already-famous brand. Living up to the minimalist-chic image that Kérastase has set for itself, the salon’s interior is slanted towards that. Plush lounge chairs take centre stage instead of the norm of small ones. Specially designed for this hair retreat, falling into the chairs is like falling into a river made of the softest leather and even softer feathers. Mirrors surround you, set on white-marble flooring. The washing chairs come complete with an automatic height recliner, making your hair washing experience more comfortable. Those seeking privacy can easily opt for the Deluxe Ritual Lounge, where you will be treated to a splendid visual feast of the garden. With a walled-in fountain providing the hypnotising sounds of water beads, this is truly the haven for your hair pampering needs.

Your ritual will start at the Diagnosis Lounge. Using the advanced Kérastase Professional Diagnosis System, which magnifies hair or scalp up to 500 times, your hair and scalp problems will be pin pointed. And in the event you doubt their expertise, you will be able to compare and contrast yourself against the template laid out there. You need not worry, really as by the end of the ritual, you will be exposed to strands more luxurious than your cashmere coats. With the diagnosis, you will be informed of what you will need to restore your crowning glory to its glory days. Each routine will be personalized so that you will not be given a pre-set package.

While the prices are set from $ 168 and ranges with each treatment, you must know that this is one luxury you will want to splurge on. Your normal routine of shampoo, conditioner and treatment is nothing compared to what the Kérastase ritual can achieve. It is just a bliss how the results can be seen immediately and is able to last for weeks. When state-of-the-art meets beauty needs, you know the winner is you.

On top of that, the staffs are very polite and well-versed in their field. Any questions regarding hair care thrown their way will be met with an honest and constructive reply. From the moment you are served with your choice of drinks, to the last sweep of your fringe, they maintain a sense of professionalism that is non-imposing. I am sure that you are all aware how absolutely glorious it is to have your scalp massaged during your shampooing moments. Top this with a chair that is just oh-so-delightful and tips that know where to touch; you will be in a euphoria unlike any other. It’s almost like having a friend doing your hair; only this friend of yours comes equipped with a whole range of professional Kerastase products and knowledge.

To make your experience more wholesome, you will be treated to a shoulder massage while waiting for the treatment to set in. Coming from the spa next door, the massage gives the hair treatment a neck-up treatment that will leave you rejuvenated.

Your locks will thank you once you are through with this 2 hour treatment. The Kerastase line has always been prestigious for its outstanding products. Now, with this first ever concept institute in Asia , after doing its magic around the world, they have just pushed their services one step higher. Regardless of what your hair needs is, all of us aim for the same thing. It’s all about the bounce, the shine and the confidence that comes with perfectly healthy hair.

Kerastase Hair and Scalp Institute
Tel: 6733 3882 / 6834 0012