Health and beauty are two themes that go hand-in-hand with each other. Merging these two concepts together, the Buff Nail Lounge will make your manicures and pedicures a sense-inducing experience. Coming up with interesting concoctions that smell yummy enough to eat, the services that complement are fun and friendly. However, they do take their business of nail-enhancements and colour-adding seriously. The plus point for you is that this notion will not get rubbed off on you since it is just too girlish and fun.

Located at Far East Shopping Centre, the 4-year old beauty parlour is the proud ‘baby’ of owner Min Leong. Her motivation for starting up this place was her great love for colours. Couple that with her genuine interest in seeing people walking around with beautiful and polished nails, you pretty much know she’s in for a good time. A jovial person herself, Min comes up with unique treatments that are usually food-inspired. And just to make sure they work, Min tests her latest ‘inventions’ herself. Different types of treatments are created for different needs. It’s obvious from her dedication and her passion that Min’s treatments are one-of-a-kind. That, plus the fact that they are truly delightful to experience.

One of the interesting treatments is Mango Tango pedicure. At $ 28, this pedicure uses the nutrients available from the two fruits to give your feet a good scrub and a good mask. From soaking your feet in an orange-and-lemon-filled tub, to using a marmalade-like lotion to moisturise your feet, your tips will be bursting with nutrious goodness. Other interesting treatments include a Godiva-inspired chocolate treatment which is not as sinful as its origins and a soon-to-come caviar-infused treatment to make your pampering services more luxurious than it already is.

Also priding her ‘baby’ as a medical spa, her treatments are also directed for those ailments of the feet. ‘Heel Me’ feet therapy is one aimed at tackling problems like eczema, cracked heels and extreme dryness. Other than that, she uses special tools to tackle those with in-grown toe nails to make sure that your dirt gets removed from under the nails as comfortably as possibly.

All these treatments take place in a quaint unit that is designed like a princess’s lounge. A hip princess who is into shabby-luxe though. It’s like Cleopatra meeting Carrie Bradshaw. Bursting in pink and purple, the place has a chandelier taking centre-stage in its waxing area. The royal appeal of this unit store is further enhanced by the outstanding lounge sofa that is personally-designed. Talk about royalty treatment while at your most painful. Besides that, cute little lamps and interesting cultural artefacts are sporadically placed throughout the area.

With such an interesting lay-out, it’s no surprise that some of her clients come as young as 4 years old. Parents usually bring their daughters here for treats. On top of that, her clientele also includes the socialites, the young execs and basically any girl who is interested in getting her tips beautified.

You will leave the store, with pretty nails, smelling deliciously of fruits and also feeling pampered. Now, that is what we call a sense-rejuvenating episode.