There is no better pill to swallow than Imedeen's. Made with BioMarine Complex™, these potent anti-ageing and skin revitalising tablets have been the secret of great skin for many. Having made waves with their latest campaign featuring Mediacorp celebrity and Imedeen user, Zoe Tay, the branding has gone one step further by establishing the Imedeen Beautique. With their many users swearing by them, Imedeen Beautique will work hand-in-hand in showing you just what popping those pills will do for your skin. Beauty is an eternal quest, and Imedeen makes sure it starts from within.

Located at upscale mall, Palais Renaissance, it is nestled nicely amidst the chi-chi aura that only Palais can enamour. With a theme of minimalist luxury, the boutique parlour is embedded in hues reminiscent of warm reds and browns. Comfy chairs and a really great table set grace the lounge area. The treatment rooms also follow the minimalist tone that has been set earlier, without any fuss and frills. A display of the Imedeen skincare line is majestically positioned to familiarise guests with these magic potions. From a magnificently gentle cleanser to a serum that is raved to be the perfect make-up base, the Imedeen skincare line is known to be every female's fantasy. Segregated into different age groups, the pills and the skincare range will cater to your specific needs, ensuring that your collagen amount multiplies accordingly.

And to show just how much collagen you will need, guests will go through a skin analysis that will show the make-up of your skin, right through the epidermis. If you've always wondered whether you're thick-skinned, maybe this is one way to find that out. Based on a system of ultra-sound, the scans will show you how much exposure your skin has had and exactly how much collagen there is within you. The importance of collagen in the beauty industry cannot be stressed enough, with it being the leading factor in ensuring that youthful and radiant glow. We all want that porcelain-skin just like Zoe's. Comparisons will then be made between your skin and those of the Imedeen users. It is an eye-opening experience that will excite even your male partners. While they may think beauty is such a superficial affair, they will think otherwise when shown through science and in-your-face pictures.

The services there are like most facials that you will get. Ranging from the normal scrub to extraction, these facials are done by a specialist who is gentle as she is knowledgeable. While extractions may be a painful and potentially tear-inducing affair, you will have the option of whether you want to go through it or stop it halfway. However, due to the fact that these facials are complimented with Imedeen, you are spared of the patchiness and redness that are risked at any other salons. No worries, the results are worth it. All that pain for all that glow afterwards, it is almost criminally insane to pass it aside.

The greatness of Imedeen has always been its boldness and open-ness towards its products and its effects. Never one to shy away from the media, Imedeen knows what it is capable of. A trip to this beautique may jolly well convert you to an Imedeen user. The effects of the facials last longer if you pair it with the pills. You will be beaming as you have a secret weapon to maintain your looks. And at your best, you may think you look as good, if not better than, Zoe.

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